Group Coaching

Group instruction is a great way to reduce costs, build group support in and out of instruction, and provide a constructive way to learn and practice positive group work for academic and professional environments. This is a format that is great for those comfortable working with others, or those wanting to improve group working skills in a small group setting.

A commitment to at least 4 sessions allows individuals to learn the necessary skills and practice the application and support of the skills.

Do you have friends or colleagues whom you think might like to join you to benefit from instruction?

Do you know other working professionals with a need for assistance managing growing demands on time at work and home?

Do you have friends who want to learn how to prepare and rock exams?

Do you have teammates who could use help managing the demands of commitments throughout the day and how to find the time to complete the work that needs to be done?

Do you know other’s that are also struggling with how to plan and complete projects?


These group instruction topics can be customized to meet the specific group needs.

Planning and Prioritizing—How to manage projects in the short term and long term

Organization of Time—Scheduling, creating routines, using open/free time, integrating short-term and long-term time management

Test Preparation—Methods for planning time, reviewing and synthesizing material.

Test Taking—How to approach the test taking experience, multiple choice format, short/long writing assessments, and how to prepare for test-taking in advance of the test.

Writing Strategies—How to tackle large and small writing assignments in a methodical and organized way.

Reading Strategies—How to read efficiently and effectively, and how to take notes and what to do with them.

How to create a Coaching Group:
1. Assemble a group of 3-5 with similar areas of interest.
2. Fill out the online contact form with a description of what the group would like to work on
3. In the form propose at least 2 possible meeting times that work for all individuals in the group.
4. Set up instruction with Andrea at a location convenient for group (library, office, etc.).